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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Reasons for Hiring Link Building Services

After a website is well designed and hosted on the servers, it is ready to be visited by targeted visitors. However, the story doesn’t stop here because the primary aim of every portal is to increase its traffic. Greater is the number of links to a site, more will be the possibility for incoming traffic. This is possible because search engines like Google, highly rate the site with more links, because it suggests that the site is followed by many people and other websites. Even with a lot of SEO services done for a portal, without the link popularity services, a site is not valued much by Google. Keeping this in mind, webmasters are hiring inbound link building services from SEO agencies.

  • Having a competent and affordable link building expert work on the site is beneficial because this person will be able to work on natural link building process. If another site owner finds the contents of the said site to be useful, then this site owner will follow the portal with one way link. This will be followed by others, who are encouraged by the first follower. This is a way to building of inbound links to a particular site. Sometimes it so happens that SEO people are eager to get higher rankings for their clients and in the process brings more number of links from other sites. But they fail to realise that Google tends to recognise these inbound link building services as fraudulent as the spiders scout through the contents in the linked pages and find them irrelevant to the particular topic.
  • Professional link building services will surely take care to bring in natural inbound links and that too from high PR sites. Some of the techniques, which help in quickening the incoming links are being put in by one way link building services. These include having specific anchor text in links, text surrounding the link, location of link page in web structure, presence of no follow link and link page content. Even with affordable link building, natural linking is possible but it might take some time to come up with increased traffic.
  • Link popularity is another direct means of increasing the traffic, which also is a factor for ranking algorithm for search engines. Those sites, which are aiming to increase their traffic, they need to have higher link popularity. This is also measurable by website owners, so that they can know the list of websites, which are aiming to link with them. Knowing this kind of link popularity helps in understand the manner in which SEO link popularity services can help in changing the link profile.

Ethical or white hat SEO agencies can increase traffic by concentrating more on natural one way link building services. It is required to understand closely and thoroughly the importance of natural links. It is because of the quality anchor text and high value contents that links can be formed naturally. This means that other websites like what is present in the client portals. These should also be a regular update by having fresh article and blog postings. Website designing and then SEO techniques, followed by link building, plenty of activities are being done for the sake of high traffic. And some methods like link building services have stood the test of time to get proclaimed as necessities.

Link Building for Websites

In this big world of SEO, very few strategies are discussed as much as link building. To be blunt, here at SEO Web logistics we believe it has to do with the semantics of the phrase and the history of this long running tactic more than the modern approach. This topic is significant because external links are the most important source of authority, and therefore helping your websites ranking potential. Without enough decent links pointing to your domain/website, you’ll never gain any significant momentum, and because it’s as rare as hens teeth that a business naturally attracts the links it needs without effort, the only real option is a a structured link building campaign.

Most novice SEO companies & “experts” who are unfamiliar with SEO best practices can damage your online reputation and your web presence faster than faster than an ex girlfriend with your facebook logins!

Is Link Building Is Risky?

Link building being risky is definitely true, we have seen companies in the past be penalised by the startegy they have used to gain links. Back when SEO was first starting to emerge, it was common practice to manually place links on external websites in areas like forum threads, blog comments, and directories. This was a quick and easy way to gather lots of links, but definately not the best way to keep your site ranking. When Google recognised the abusive of these strategies, it quickly revised its criteria looking at the “quality” of a link instead og the quantity.

Over the years, Google has become more sophisticated at detecting link quality, mostly through multiple its algorithm changes like Penguin & Panda updates. Basically, “good” links can pass authority to your site, while a pattern of detected “bad” links might bring your authority down. Think of it like a politician who needs votes, the more “good” votes you get from reputable people, the more trust you have in the populations eyes, the more popular you will be.

So basically, as long as you are building “good” relevent links, you don’t have to worry about seeing any negative effects. Do it properly, like the old saying, “good things come to those that wait”, it’s a slow a tedious process, but when done correctly will pay dividends.

How we should look at “Link Building”

Instead of viewing link building as a risky strategy, see it as system to reward positive contributions. As long as you aren’t making any negative contributions, you can only gain from the situation.

Don’t be scared, stick to the two main ways we create new links:

Identify worthy sources (preferably industry relevant and high-authority publications), and submit content to be published that includes a natural, relevant, value-adding link pointing back to your domain/website. Best practices are more complicated than this – you’ll have to consider the contextual relevance of your link, nofollow options, and the diversity of your inbound link profile. Sounds complicated? It’s not, but, it has to be done correctly, that’s why it’s left a lot of the time to the SEO experts.

Deep Links

Design and promotion of a website are not easy tasks. First, you need to create a site that is attractive, user-friendly, and engaging. To build your business, you need to offer attractive deals or promotions to your customers. You need to optimize your design so that it is easy to access and navigate.

Now that you have designed and uploaded a world-class website, would that be enough to generate good site traffic?

The answer is no, in almost 99% cases. This is because the Internet has thousands of similar sites that are cleverly designed and offering such attractive deals. So how do you create an edge for your business?

The solution comes in the form of deep links. You can think of creating deep links in your site just as you build a house. When you build a house, you have a main door to the main hall. However, there may be other doors such as a backdoor or a kitchen door so that those who want to go into that specific room can go directly there. Similarly, your home page that is the main entry point to your website. You can create back links to your home page. In addition to the home page, there may be other pages describing specific sections. So if a person looking for that specific information would prefer direct access to that page instead of linking to the home page and then navigating from there.

By creating such deep links in your site, you are able to drive targeted traffic to your site. This means that your customers find the information they are looking for. When they find the right information, they are more likely to buy that product or service.

Deep linking not only drives traffic to your site, but also helps by increasing your site ranking. Search engines prefer deep links because they direct people to the information that they are particularly interested in. A higher search engine ranking will boost the visibility of your site to more people, which is good for your business.

To create deep links, you can hire professional Search Engine Optimization experts or service experts who have a wide range of tools and techniques to help you. They can help you in business promotion or make a right Seo strategy for you in a business.

The Important Metrics in Link-Building Service

Without even studying the etymology of the word, a good analogy of link building services is to liken them to streets. Think of a small town, with your website nestled at the center and the other websites and blogs dotting the community all connected through streets, roads, alleys and so on. Search engines will measure the relevance of your homepage by the amount of traffic that passes through these streets from the other sites and into your website. Simply put, you build links to boost your importance.

Natural or automated?

If the main purpose is to just link with other websites, can an automated software perform the task? Why should you have to employ the services of a link-building UK company? Indeed, there are software and apps that will sprinkle “baits” so you can link with other sites without them knowing about it.

Search engines are using a complex set of algorithms in indexing websites. Sometimes, an enterprising SEO company in UK can pass through the cracks in the system and artificially boost the rankings in search engines. However, the system itself is not static. Yahoo, Bing and Google (which released Penguin) are constantly updating their algorithms specifically to prevent these artificial high ranks. Contrast this to natural link-building which is a more organic way of networking. It’s more time-consuming but the returns are greater.

Back to basics

Despite what any SMO company in UK will tell you, you put yourself in a better position to succeed when you have a good foundation. Consumers go to the Internet to address a particular need. They go to your website seeking information or to purchase a product or service. If you can’t provide these things, they go somewhere else. It’s that easy.

A good SEO in UK can be broken down into two elements: content and infrastructure. Content refers to the text, images, photos and videos they can find in your site. Infrastructure refers to the design and other optimization tools that will serve as signposts for search engines to find you.

Metrics that matter

Link-building services should include metrics to properly gauge the success of the campaign. The metrics should measure the direct and referrer traffic coming to your site for a certain period, the amount of hits for your important keywords, the targeted and non-targeted sites that are linked to you. More importantly, the metrics should be able to measure if the links can lead to conversion.