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Benefit of Text Link Ads

Simply speaking, Text Link Ads are static texts or phrases, on a blog or a website that is hyperlinked to another webpage or a specific site. These are visually characterized by a different font color and are underlined. The publisher gets paid by the advertisers either based on the number of clicks (pay per click) or a flat fee per month. It is the most successful and effective form of Link Building Services.

Text link ads stands apart from other forms of advertisements. Following are some of the benefits of text link ads:

1. Unlike the earlier form of advertising like banners and posters which takes time to get loaded, text link ads are much faster and do not take up a lot of space.
2. They are very easy to implement into most page layouts.
3. It is no just simple advertising, Good text link ads also provides information as to why the visitor should investigate the offer.
4. Text link ads offer SEO benefits as they not only drive direct targeted traffic but also helps to boost the organic search engine rankings.
5. It can be added to blogs post as they are unobtrusive. The viewers will never feel offended with this discreet advertisement.
6. Managing the cost and payment are easy as most text links are sold on a flat monthly price, so you know your costs up front.
7. Text links ads do not look as desperate as other physical ads. Most of the times, the users are not offended, as they do not feel pushed to buy something.
8. Unlike other graphical ads, text link ads take little effort to create and are less expensive. Linking text ads is just a matter of few minutes.
9. Text link ads plays a key role in driving potential customers to the site through the increase in search engine position,
10. It’s not obvious on the page user the fact that the links are ads. These are generally viewed as links to obtain more information. Netizens are more liable to try to find additional facts instead of purchase anything.

It is an accepted fact that both Advertisers and Publishers benefit greatly from text link ads because it strikes the target audience. Since the link is post on a site related to the ads, there is a high possibility that the visitor in interested in the product. Thereby grabbing their attention and forcing them to act upon it. With the present trend of its popularity amongst the users and its success rate for the advertisers, Text link ads has already made a niche of its own in online marketing.