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Way on becoming a Link Building Rockstar

1. Focus on relationships:

You may surely invest lots of time in growing great relationships within your industry, be it through social channels, other channels or at conferences. If you tell people about your recently published awesome blog post, they will happily throw a link which will naturally fit it into a forthcoming blog post on their site.

Earning a link still, depends on your blog post and so the relationship you carry with the person you have asked for the link also carries huge weight as they already know, trust and like you.

2. Make them come to you:

Sometimes cold link building through email is not so fruitful. Honestly saying, people don’t get at least a 10% conversion rate. You can simply flip the model of link building upside down by optimising particular posts or pages on your site for ranking for search terms which link builders in your niche will seek. This way, other marketers will reach you and either will ask to submit a guest blog post or to have you link to their sites from one of your current pages or posts.

3. Give back:

Business is not at all a zero-sum game. We all have the responsibility of giving back to society in some way. Giving back really matters to link building. It is already discussed that business is based on people’s trust and preference. So, giving back makes it simpler for people for connecting with you on an emotional level.